One Hot Daddy

Play Thing:


One look, and I was fu@ked!

My jacka$s of a business rival agreed to help fund my newest venture… but only if I can make a woman truly fall in love with me.
Women are toys in my billionaire dollar world, and I have no time for love.
Regardless, my new assistant, Abigail, is the perfect candidate.
It should be easy. A sweet word here. A caress there.
At least, I think it will be… until I see her coming down the stairs dressed like a goddess. Who knew she was hiding such perfect curves and such confidence.
Sure I want to sleep with her, but I didn’t plan on actually falling in love.
If she finds out our relationship is based on a wager, it could ruin us and my business.
Well, f@ck business.
Deal or no deal, her ass is mine.
I want my cake… and her.
And I’m going to eat them both!

Settle in and buckle up. This steamy billionaire romance is full steam ahead, and the happily ever after will have you all hot and bothered!